Baltic Focused Graduate Research Opportunities and Challenges


Moderator/ participant:   Amanda Swain (Doctoral candidate,  University of Washington)

with participants:
Jordan Kuck (Doctoral  candidate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Delaney Skerret (Doctoral candidate,  University of Queensland /  Lecturer, University of Tartu)

Graduate students working in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania face various opportunities and challenges in doing research in-country.  The roundtable will feature three graduate students who have recently conducted research in one of the Baltic countries.  Each student will speak for 15 minutes about his/her experience, with time in the session for questions and discussion with attendees.  The participating graduate students represent a variety of fields, methodologies and experiences.  The roundtable will provide an opportunity for graduate students and others planning research trips to the Baltics to discuss practical and methodological issues related to archives, oral interviews, and funding.

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