The Floral Garden in the Contours of Woman’s Self – Consciousness Expression

Loreta Martynėnaitė (Lithuanian Institute of History)

The paper will focus on a floral garden, as a part of the natural – cultural complex of Lithuania’s rural landscape.  It will discuss the floral garden as a culturally specific and socially meaningful homestead place and a space inseparable from the surrounding natural, environmental and sociocultural context of the living tradition.  Floral garden, as every element of the homestead, interacts with the surrounding ecological system and the surrounding social environment.  The social environment influences the floral garden and the floral garden in turn influences the environment.

In the first half of the 20th century, the floral garden in the culture of rural people reflected woman’s (girl’s) self-expression.  The floral garden was a woman’s (girl’s) image-maker revealing her moral qualities. In the second half of the 20th century, changes in modern life gradually changed woman’s expression of selfhood in relation to floral garden.  From one generation to the next, the link between cherished floral garden and woman’s expression was lost and gained new dimensions.

Keyword: Martynenaite

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