Telling the Stories, Inspiring the Next Generation: Faith Formation of Lithuanian Youth in US/Canada

Aldona Lingertat (St. John’s Seminary, Brighton, MA)

Lithuanian history and culture can support faith formation and the passing on of religious traditions to the next generation in a number of ways.  Passing on a faith tradition requires more than teaching the next generation basic catechesis.  Often “pre-evangelization,” the need for predisposing people even to listen to the Gospel, is needed as well as ongoing efforts to inspire and encourage commitment from our youth, teens, and young adults to the faith.  Inspiration can come in many ways, including sharing the stories of the struggle for the faith of previous generations.  This paper will focus on sharing stories of courage in the face of challenge to religion in Lithuanian history and the impact they can make today.  Specific examples will be shared of how integration of faith stories of Lithuanians who struggled for their religion can inspire current Lithuanian youth in the US/Canada in parish, retreat, and summer camp settings.  Suggestions for youth activities will include plays and role-play based on historic events.

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