Baltic History and Memory in Postsocialist and Postcolonial Europe


Chair / Participant: Neringa Klumbytė (Miami University, Ohio) with:

Dace Dzenovska (University of Latvia)

Gediminas Lankauskas (University of Regina, Canada)

Uku Lember (Central European University)

This roundtable will engage in arguments about history and memory in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. While history and memory are widely researched topics in the Baltics, this roundtable will broaden the discussion and ask what arguments about history and memory in the Baltics can tell us about the contemporary project of Europe.  The roundtable will consider how the civilizing processes of the 19th and 20th centuries, including European integration, have constituted the Baltics as particular historical actors, as well as shaped narratives about history, memory, the nation, and the state.  It will ask how coloniality and postcoloniality have become important frameworks in the post-Soviet modernization projects in the Baltics; what is the present of local and global  histories in the Baltics; and how historically specific memory politics shapes public space, identity, and history.

Keyword: Klumbyte

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