Evangelisation versus Secularisation in the Baltic Sea Region

Tiit Pädam (Uppsala University)

The aim of this paper is to describe and to analyse the current developments in abstract mobility of mind which are caused by the multifaceted religious processes and impact of the process of globalisation. The paper begins with an analysis of the meaning of the terms evangelisation and secularisation in different cultural contexts in the Baltic Sea region. Due to the cultural settings, political regulations and the position of religion in society, there are rather controversial interpretations of these terms and practices which they describe. In order to enable comparative analysis the author uses the term “spiritual space” and develops a trans-cultural pattern analysis in order to interpret the meaning of the processes in the states around the Baltic Sea. Although both evangelisation and secularisation are closely related to and shaped by the local cultural settings, there is clearly traceable dynamics which exceeds the cultural borders and constitutes an exchange-processes and mobility of the tradition inside the Baltic Sea Region. In the paper the author discerns the characteristic tendencies of these processes and interprets their impact on the wider development of the region.

Keyword: Padam

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