Transcultural Strategies and Tendencies in Lithuanian Art Cinema

Renata Šukaitytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute / Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)

This  paper  seeks  to  examine  the  transcultural  production  and  distribution  strategies  in  contemporary Lithuanian film, namely feature fiction and documentary produced by auteurs Arūnas  Matelis,  Audrius  Stonys,  Šarūnas  Bartas,  Audrius  Juzėnas  and  Kristijonas  Vildžiūnas.  The  works  of  these  directors  will  be  reflected  from  geopolitical,  economic  and aesthetical  perspectives  as  this  will  help  to  look  at  the  phenomenon  in  a  complex  and sustained way. Almost the very first works of the mentioned filmmakers (especially Bartas) gained  international  recognition  at  international  film  festivals  and  formed  a  cross-national circle  of  their  film  fans.  Being  representatives  of  a  small  cultural  and  linguistic  group  they managed  to  create  a  film  that  crosses  cultural  and  geographical  borders  due  to development  of  intercultural  aesthetics  that  could  be  characterized  by  representations  of intercultural  spaces  and  communities,  mixture  of  different  languages  (mainly,  Lithuanian, Russian,  German  and  French)  and  nature  of  main  protagonist  (nomads),  which  trek  form one  place  or  community  to  another  in  quest  of  relief,  freedom  or  new  adventure.  Their national  or  cultural  identity  is  not  clearly  articulated,  however  they  could  be  recognized  as Europeans  which  land  have  always  been  a  corridor  for  different  nations  and  a  temporary home or place of freedom. In addition to aforementioned artistic strategies, the intercultural character of these films is expressed in the very nature of its production as most of them are made  in  co-production  with  French,  Portuguese,  Russian,  Dutch  companies  and  with participation  of  international  cast  (Valentinas  Masalskis,  Ekaterina  Golubeva,  Leos  Carax, Klavdia Koršunova, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and others) and conational members of broader creative team.

Keyword: Sukaityte

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