Proper Names of Foreign Languages: Perspectives of Conveying in Latvian and Lithuanian


Regina Kvašytė (Šiauliai University)

The interest in conveying proper names of foreign languages remains relevant in Lithuanian and Latvian texts. The presentation analyzes and compares various aspects of the usage of Lithuanian and Latvian proper names and perspectives of their conveying. Theoretic attitudes, concerning conveying of Lithuanian proper names in Latvian, do not change: it is required to write them according to pronunciation (an exception is place-names, which have traditional Latvian forms). Conveying of Latvian vowels, consonants or endings is important for the culture of the Lithuanian language; however, declension of the proper names mentioned is not of less importance. In Latvian, endingless names and surnames are not used; thus, they are spelled in these sentences according to the forms used in foreign sources. From this point of view, Latvian proper names in Lithuanian are exceptional. Theoretically, it is considered that they should be Lithuanianised. However, new tendencies are observed, still, not so widely spread in press. Therefore, it is obvious that names and surnames of the authors whose books were translated into Lithuanian are often spelled in the language of origin, i.e. like proper names of other foreign languages. The reason for these deformations can simply be an inaccurate proof; that is why such single cases should not be referred to as absolute and attributed to serious mistakes. However, it is possible to find different incorrect variants of Lithuanian proper names usage in Latvian and Latvian proper names in Lithuanian usage  in periodical press.

Keyword: Kvasyte

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