The Preconditions of the Grand Strategy in Lithuania

Kristina Baubinaitė (Mykolas Romeris University)

The paper examines the preconditions of the Grand Strategy in Lithuania. It is assumed that Lithuanian strategic documents, which have strived to acquire the status of Grand Strategy, did not meet the requirements for such a strategy. A presumption is offered that the political process in Lithuania lacks a deep reflection on the state’s past and current needs as well as the interface between these two elements. This reduces the public policy capacities to acquire the Grand Strategy in nature. The article observes that the absence of consensus on the country’s development strategic directions is related to the complicated formation of the Lithuanian nation and a complex blend of state history. The debate of Lithuanian historians and other experts on the need for a new program of Lithuanian historical identity reflects on the process of the state’s “self-contemplation and reflection” and provides opportunities for conceptual definitions in the Lithuanian Grand Strategy.  The necessary component for such definitions is the construction of a national identity. As a result, in addition to material analysis, analysis of the historical/political realities on the national as well as global level is necessary in the Lithuanian Grand Strategy design process.

Keyword: Baubinaite

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