Human Security in Latvia: Perceptions of the Russian Community

Žaneta  Ozoliņa, Ivars Ijabs and Iveta Reinholde (University of Latvia)

Human Security (HS) is one of the concepts that has been embraced by the academic and political communities. Despite the progress that has been achieved in the domain of the HS concept since 1992, several questions remain unanswered – why do only a few countries and international organisations draft their policies based on the concept; why is the HS concept applied more to developing countries, while the developed world looks like a HS-free zone; why are there only a very few attempts to apply the concept to sub-groups within the societies? The paper aims at analysing perceptions and interpretations of the Russian community in Latvia with regard to several aspects of HS, thus bridging the gap between micro and macro levels of the concept. On the basis of the results of focus group discussions in Daugavpils, Liepaja and Riga the paper will present an understanding of what representatives of the Russian community in Latvia consider as risks and threats to their security; what kind of individual strategies they plan to apply and propose; and to what extent financial and economic crisis has influenced their sense of security.

Keyword: Ozolina

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