Academic Mobility within University Exchange in the Baltic Sea Region

Stefan Ewert (University of Greifswald, Germany)

Starting with some theoretical considerations on the impact of academic exchange and mobility on the development of regions and regional identity in general, this paper asks for the empirical background of student and teacher exchange in the Baltic Sea Region. Assuming a positive effect of academic exchange on identity formation, the exchange statistics of the universities within the region might help to evaluate the prospects of region building and a Baltic Sea Region of knowledge. The development of exchange statistics over the period of time from 1990 till today is in the specific focus of the analysis. Assuming the political will to build a Baltic Sea Region of knowledge, the second part of the paper investigates the political measures needed to enhance regional academic mobility as a contribution to region building. The political steering of academic mobility in the region appears as a multilevel governance system, including the academic autonomy,(sub-) national policies, the activities of the regional political organizations and the higher education policy of the European Union.

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