The Hundred Year Journey of the Journal Ateitis and the Road That Lies Ahead

Ramunė K. Kubilius (Northwestern University)

The hundred year journey of the Lithuanian language journal Ateitis (The Future) can be analyzed from various perspectives. Through the years, the journal was published in three countries besides Lithuania. Its published content has featured varied genres, though the journal has stayed true to its Roman Catholic roots, or, at least, has published works not opposed to those beliefs. Some critics have argued that Ateitis cannot seem to define its focus. Others have said that it cannot identify its primary readership. Still, the journal has continually sought to remain relevant for each new generation, from its first issue in 1911 and early years prior to the establishment of Lithuania’s independence in 1918, through its heyday in interwar Lithuania, to the present global Internet age. Ateitis has been called a school for writers and poets, a mirror of Lithuanian and Catholic life, a place to meet and exchange ideas. Does the journey of Ateitis parallel that of the poets, writers, and philosophers whose works were published in it? Perhaps insights can be gained from a study of other publications also published during those early years–L’Avenir in France, The Future in England, Die Zukunft in Switzerland. What does the future hold for journals such as Ateitis that are published for a relatively small niche ethnic readership? This presentation will provide some highlights from the life of the journal in its historical, societal, literary, and parent organization context, with a glimpse at current journal publishing trends that may predict possible future paths.

Keyword: Ramune

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